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The Preeminent Domain

An Eminent Domain and Land Use Blog

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Wind Turbines and Property Values

Condemnation valuation litigation involving acquisitions for roads, electric transmission lines and natural gas or petroleum pipelines is commonplace.  Property valuation issues, particularly with respect to electric transmission lines, have been studied by accomplished and well-known experts in the fields of statistics and real estate appraisal for several decades and published in peer-reviewed, professional journals.  But until a few years ago, there hasn’t been a comprehensive, statistically rigorous study analyzing the impact of wind turbines on property values. The timing couldn’t... Read More ›
Steve Streck
Steve Streck
November 15, 2013

Rails-To-Trails and the U.S. Supreme Court

All over the country abandoned railroad corridors are being converted into recreational trails, much to the delight of exercise enthusiasts including bikers, hikers and joggers, as well as anyone who is looking for a quiet place to take their dog for a walk. The cost of the trail construction can be significant, depending on the composition of the trail surface and whether bridges are necessary. But construction cost is not whole story. Landowners are making claims against the federal government,... Read More ›
Steve Streck
Steve Streck
November 2, 2013

Making It Easier to Sue Over Wind Turbines

Earlier this year Wisconsin Senator Frank Lasee introduced a bill that seems to invite property owners to sue owners of wind energy facilities.  2013 Senate Bill 167 requires a court, in an action for damages caused by a wind energy system, to “grant a prevailing plaintiff …actual damages for physical and emotional harm suffered by the plaintiff, including for medical expenses, pain, and suffering” caused by lost value of real estate, compensation “for moving to another residence to escape the... Read More ›
Steve Streck
Steve Streck
October 26, 2013