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Sara Beachy

Sara Beachy

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Christus Lutheran Church of Appleton v. State Department of Transportation Update

March 2, 2020

This is an update to a previous post discussing the Court of Appeals’ decision in Christus Lutheran Church of Appleton v. State Department of Transportation.

As expected, the State has filed a petition asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to review the decision. You can read the State’s petition here.

Several other condemnors moved for leave to appear as amici curiae and filed a brief in support of the State’s Petition for Review. You can see their amicus brief here. Axley Attorneys represents the other condemnors and assisted in preparing the amicus brief.

We expect the Wisconsin Supreme Court to decide the Petition later this spring. If the Supreme Court accepts review, then the parties would likely file briefs on the merits sometime this summer.


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