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The Preeminent Domain

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Category: Eminent Domain Plan

Foxconn and Eminent Domain: Using Blighted Property Designations to Redevelop Land

This article was originally posted by the State Bar of Wisconsin. The Village of Mount Pleasant recently declared a large swath of land as “blighted” property, making way for the Foxconn development. In this article, attorney Sara Beachy explains blighted property law in the context of this project. The 2,800-acre, four square-mile future home of Foxconn has now been designated as “blighted.” The blighted zone, also designated as a redevelopment area, includes thriving farms and at least one family’s newly-built... Read More ›
Sara Beachy
Sara Beachy
July 23, 2018

Outagamie County Flip Flops on Eminent Domain Decision

Controversy is swirling in the Appleton, Wisconsin area after Outagamie County voted in favor of using eminent domain to acquire property for a new Sheriff’s facility. Outagamie County attempted to purchase the property, but the property owner accepted a rival offer from J.F. Ahern Co. Fire Protection.  After losing out on the bid to purchase the property, the Outagamie County Board voted 17-11 to exercise its power of eminent domain to acquire the property. The Board cited the significant cost... Read More ›
Justin Lessner
Justin Lessner
August 3, 2016

Eminent Domain Case Becomes A Cautionary Tale

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals released a decision January 7, 2016, in Biersdorf & Assoc. v. Goplin, App. No. 2015AP570. According to the decision, the case began as a fee dispute between the Biersdorf law firm and a former client. In reality, the case began as a routine eminent domain matter involving a DOT highway taking. However it began, it is now a cautionary tale about misjudging attorney fees at mediation, trying to back out of a mediated settlement, and... Read More ›
Sara Beachy
Sara Beachy
February 26, 2016

Seizing Mortgages – New Cities Show Interest in Richmond’s Eminent Domain Plan

In a previous post, we discussed the city of Richmond, California, and its failure to get a supermajority vote to move forward with its plan to seize underwater mortgages through its eminent domain power. While it failed to pass the resolution, it sought other California cities, such as San Francisco, to join a joint powers authority to implement the plan. It appears that San Francisco is now considering joining Richmond’s joint powers authority as members of the San Francisco Board of... Read More ›
July 16, 2014

Seizing Mortgages – The Impact on the Financial Markets

The Richmond eminent domain plan has attracted a great deal of attention since the city first introduced it. Many approved of its purpose: to help the poor fight to keep their heads above water when their homes were so far underwater. There are many, however, who do not share this sentiment. Banks and investors are concerned about the plan’s impact on the financial markets. Banks have alleged there could be financial losses exceeding $200 million. How could such financial losses... Read More ›
January 27, 2014